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produce nothing.
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Imageo Wedding Reels evince how beautifully the best moments of your life, that you would always love to preserve, can be treasured forever.The team comprises dedicated and passionate professionals capturing every tiny detail of the events, molding them into timeless, elegant collection of experiences that lasts to the eternity.
We offer best services in wedding photography, wedding cinematography and weddingvi highlights.Our team incorporates the best wedding photographers and Cinematographers.We take up projects world wide. We mostly works in Kerala & Dubai
Our remarkable features encompass New Born Baby Photography; letting you preserve the beauty of your kids, to cherish every moment of your baby, later in the lane.

We bring a personal and effective approach
to every project we work on

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e document the real emotions and authentic moments of the occasion, so your photographs tell a story beyond the visible. You deserve a creative and personal story that’s completely yours, and it’s our job to capture that story in a beautiful and innovative way. Your wedding is unique to you. Why would you want your wedding photos to look like everybody else’s?

Your wedding day can just fly by on the big day so what better way to capture the memories than on film?
We offer a candid video shoot using minimum 3 cameras to ensure we get every special moment on film.

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Please read through these questions and answers. If you have questions that are not
clear after reading the following items, please feel free to call us.

What is Candid Photography?
candid photograph is a photograph that is captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.
What is wedding highlight?
Wedding highlight (cinematic wedding/wedding cinema) is normally wedding video with length of 5 min or less. Which contain the essence of total function. The way we shoot and edit the video is by using candid camera and editing techniques. This means that your entire day will be condensed into a 5 min-long video.
How you work from both side?


 Three teams of videographers to cover entire event

o Team 1 to start from Groom’s residence and accompany them to the event.

o Team 2 to start from Bride’s residence and then accompany to the event. 

o Team 1,2 & 3 jointly to cover  the  event. 

Video will be provided in HD 16:9 MOV/MP4 format.



Two teams of photographers to cover the entire event

o Team 1 to start from Groom’s residence and accompany them to the event.

o Team 2 to start from Bride’s residence and then accompany to the event. 

o Both teams jointly to cover  the  entire event. 

· Photo Album will  be provided in high quality German album.

How long does it take to finish our video & album? Can we make changes to the final output?
We spend between 60-70 hours editing over a period of 60 days to finish your video and album work. As you saw in our sample works, they are highly edited. We will notify you when the
work completed.
What are the equipment you used to shoot the function?



Candid shoot : Sony 7m3 
Full coverage : Sony 7s3 / Canon EOS R


Lenses :
24-70mm (zoom)
11-16mm(ultra wide)
85 mm (prime) ,
50mm(prime) ,
35mm(prime) ,
100mm (macro) 


Candid shoot : Sony A7m3/Canon EOS R
Full coverage : Sony A7m3
Jib cam Sony nx 
Under water cam :canon 5d/ Gopro hero 9
Helicopter cam : DJI Mavic2 pro with 4K

Steady cam : Wheebill S


Drawing is the honesty of the art.
There is no possibility of cheating:
It is either good or bad.
Salvador Dali


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